Today I found a place that served negitoro. As you can see, this is a dish where the pink tuna belly is served with a bit of green spring onion. Completely apropos to nothing, I would like to point out that the spring onion is on top.

The spring onion is on top of the tuna. All the time. Even though the tuna is bigger, the spring onion is on top. No reason why I’m stating this multiple times, although I’m quite fond of having the spring onion on top. Just because the tuna is bigger doesn’t mean it should be on top right? Not that I’m trying to imply something by saying I like the spring onions on top. Even though I will admit it is very cute that way.

As you can probably tell from the first photo, the spring onions aren’t exactly alined right. When I tried to balance it out I accidentally pushed too hard into the tuna, causing it’s juices to come out a little bit. Let me repeat that. When you jam the spring onion into the tuna, the tuna will release some of it’s juices. Any and all innuendo is simply a product of your over-active imagination.

You know how when you read a food’s description in a restaurant menu, it describes it as resting on “a bed of rice”? I wonder if that applies here? Tuna and spring onion together on a bed. Of rice. You are free to interpret this as you see fit.

Finally, after eating the negitoro all that is left is some of it’s juices. Yep, just some wet stains. This is not alluding to any other second meaning, I assure you.

Negitoro is very delicious, I like it quite a lot~ I bet everyone else would like negitoro too if they gave it a chance. Tuna and spring onion make a great combination, wouldn’t you agree?

…Hm? What’s with that face? Surely you can trust Kyubox, can’t you? [◕ ‿‿ ◕]

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